SM307spsm.jpgWhat is up with St. Patrick’s Day COSTUMES? Since when did it become the norm to wear a green wig, a leprechaun suit, and various other garb? Since Wal-Mart told you it was cool.

I was walking through Wal-Mart today and saw the wigs, the costumes, and even a St. Patrick’s Day spa gift basket… HUH? What the heck is that about? This was originally a day set aside to honor Saint Patrick. What does that have to do with green bubble bath… or drinking yourself stupid for that matter? It is all rather odd.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that a religious holiday is celebrated by drinking and (now) leprechaun costumes. After all, the birth of Christ is celebrated by purchasing Tickle Me Elmo and trying to outdo your neighbor’s lighting display… heck, the Ascension is celebrated not by some sort of reverent honoring of the event, but by a giant rabbit that drops colored chicken eggs and chocolates… it makes perfect sense to me. haha

I truly believe that if Wal-Mart put up a St. Paddy’s display showing that we should wear rubber poo on our shoulder, people would do it.