03-14-07_1922bus.jpgWell, I could repeat what I just wrote over at Houston MetBlogs about tonight’s rodeo performance. I could try to be clever and come up with another angle. I guess I could just not even mention it.

What I decided to do instead is to set the scene and then point you to the already quippy entry I did at MetBlogs.

Tony D., Tony V. and I were at the house thinking about going out for a movie or something when I decided to clean up some email. I noticed that someone had Rockets tickets (2) they were giving away and another person was trying to give rodeo tickets (3). I dropped them each a line quick and said that I would take them because Tony V. hadn’t been to either. The rodeo ticket giver responded first so I met her for the swap. By the time I returned, the Rockets ticket giver had responded, but I had to pass as our plans were already in motion for the evening.

We jumped in the car, went to Delmar for the park and ride (picture) and headed out to the show. For the story of the concert itself… click on this link to my Houston MetBlogs entry.

PS. As you can see, the full beard is gone as of today. 🙂