tmobileme23.jpgClose friends and family know that my phone has been doing strange things lately… things like hanging up in the middle of a call and hanging up right when I answer a call. We are not talking about dropped calls, we are talking about the phone itself hanging up. Because of the frustration, I decided it was time to get a new phone.

My first thought was to get some big whiz-bang phone with all the extras… that lasted for about ten seconds. I instead figured I would get something reasonable because I felt sure that the next big thing in phones (iPhone?) is just around the corner.

Normally, it would be a simple decision – just switch carriers and get a free phone or a greatly discounted high-end one. The problem is that nobody can touch my current plan… I get 3,000 anytime minutes for only $49 a month. I have been on this plan way back since my first phone looked something like a large black brick and can’t find anything better.

I went to the T-Mobile store to see what they had to offer. T-Mobile is the latest in a long line of phone companies to buy out my contract and other than my dislike for their cycling team, I really don’t have anything negative to say about them. Well, let me speed this story up a bit.

After checking many stores and getting many outrageous prices, I was beginning to hate T-Mobile so I called their offices. I told them that my loyalty predates T-Mobile’s arrival in the US market and that keeping me happy would be much less expensive than finding another customer anywhere near as loyal as me. They checked my records and sure enough, I predated everyone in their office (even the ones that came over in the various buyouts.) It was then that they shocked me… not only did they offer me the lower end RAZR model I was wanting, but they gave me the top-end V3t RAZR not at a discount, but absolutely free! They also threw in a bluetooth headset, a car charger, a belt clip, and a new SIM card in case that was the original cause of my hangup issues.

Moral – Loyalty does pay, but you have to get off your butt and remind them what you are worth.

And yeah… consider this a recommendation for T-Mobile’s customer service. And if you do decide to switch the T-Mobile email your full name to me and I will send you a referral card that you can take into the store for 15% off any accessory!