Everywhere I look one of my friends is getting some sort of publicity… it appears I am surrounded by famous people.

My long-time friend from Victoria, Tony Vasquez was in the local paper handing out an award for the women’s bowling champion. (He is the one on the left.)

You’ll remember him from many appearances here on the blog – most notably his Kim Jong-Il costume for Halloween.

Another good friend, Ruben Gonzalez recently got some slightly more impressive pub. He was featured in the new issue of SUCCESS magazine.

Ruben is a former Olympian turned motivational speaker. Ruben’s story is one of inspiration and motivation as he chronicles his journey to unlikely three-time Olympian. I have had the pleasure of knowing him as a friend as well as in business and am alway happy to hear people talking about him… albeit never surprised.

These are two of the nicest guys on the planet – kudos guys.