fatdude41.jpgWe have the makings of a “fat off.” So far, Manny (the Dark Diver,) (Mighty) Mike, Tony (the Meskin,) Dave (the Anti-Host,) and myself have agreed to come up with a competition to lose weight. I have another person that I plan on talking with to see if we can make it an even half-dozen and I think if we are all involved, it could have some pretty good results.

The weight loss goals are going to be pretty darn lofty, and we haven’t yet come up with any reward/penalty systems, but I think we can do some real good and lose a lot of combined flab.

By sometime next week, each of us will be weighed in, and the rules will be locked down. The best part is that we are going to put it all out here as further incentive to work hard.

I know the popular term now is “fatblogging” and I guess we are doing that, but I really think that being a competition will make it more successful for all involved. I know I have started and blown off my publicly blogged weight loss plans six or seven times in the last three years and think I may have finally found a winner.

Look for more information in the coming days and look for the weight to start falling off as we get rolling. Please send in your encouragement via voicemail (281-394-4952) and email as it will be mentioned periodically in the podcast as well. Who knows, maybe we can find a sponsor to put something up as a prize to give us more incentive.

UPDATE: Tony D. (the Gimp) has joined the group.