Halfhournewshour_logo.jpgI heard about the show, but never seen it until tonight. The “1/2 Hour News Hour” is the worst show I have ever seen. It is the Fox News attempt at a response to the liberal fake-news programs like The Daily Show. Before you decide that my view is based on a differing political point-of-view, let me explain.

The actors (and I use the term very loosely) are horrible. I have heard third graders better able to read off cue cards. The content is not a humorous look at the opposition, it is a mean-spirited slam on anything remotely left of Hitler. The very worst offense however is the laugh track…. yes, this is a show so unfunny that they use a 70’s sitcom laugh track.

This is the saddest attempt at spin, and frankly, television in general I have ever seen.