WOW!!! The last time I was left with just WOW! after a movie was Sin City… WOW! Once again, a Frank Miller story has been translated into an amazing movie. Once again, the visuals are stunning. Once again, filmmaking takes a leap from business-as-usual to art form. 300 is all those things and more.

Cdoggin3hundred2.jpgIt is a dramatic retelling of a dramatic battle. Just as in the original history of the Battle of Thermopylae by Herodotus, there are of course, liberties taken – but DAMN!!! If Sparta is taking enlistments, tell me where to sign up.

I cannot remember leaving a theater with such a visceral feeling after a film. I literally wanted to do battle and feel the blood of my enemies running off me in pools at my feet. Yeah, I know… I was stunned at my reaction too. This film was a testosterone-fest unlike any other.

Even if I don’t find any enemies of Sparta to unleash my new-found wrath, I might at least get my ass back to the gym… or maybe I’ll just eat some raw meat.

I say again… WOW!

RATING 10 out of 10

(don’t you just love Photoshop?)