It is the time of the season for getting back to nature… time to recapture some of last season’s trash as this season’s treasure. I have been composting since the first year I moved into my house – something like 15 years ago. During the growing season and fall I throw the cuttings from the bushes, the weeds from the flower beds and various other organic waste into the bin. That is the extent of my effort. I don’t have a tumbler, I don’t turn the compost at all. I just let it sit and let nature do the work. Then, in Spring, I harvest the real black gold.

First step is to take the pitchfork and slide the top layer off…
… this reveals the finished compost below.

Upon closer inspection, the bin is home to boatloads of guests…
… can you find all three toads in this picture? In addition, the bin is home to hundreds of huge nightcrawlers… fishing anyone?

Using a sifter I made that first year I get all the sticks out.
It was super easy to make with a couple 2×4’s and some chicken wire.

The result is 100% mana from the heavens…
… with this you never need another chemical. Forget Miracle Gro, forget fertilizers, plant foods, you name it… this is how nature grows healthy plants and this is how I do it.