Can you give one movie two different ratings? I think for Grindhouse, I am going to review each of the features separately. The first feature was Planet Terror by Robert Rodriguez. I was blown away by this one.

rodriquez84533.jpgThe look and feel of a shlock 70’s horror flick was spot-on. The film was a laugh riot from start to finish as scene after scene of tongue-in-cheekiness rolled. I was especially surprised to see Jeff Fahey, as he has been one of my favorite actors since his TV show The Marshall.

What’s not to love about zombies created by biological weapons running lose in a small Texas town? The coolest part however was probably the trailer for Machete. (starring Danny Trejo, Cheech Marin, and Fahey.) Freddy Rodriguez also did a great job.

Robert Rodriguez has proven once again that of this dynamic duo of filmmaking… he’s Batman to Tarantino’s Robin.

RATING 9 out of 10

deathproof83445.jpgTake everything that is great about Planet Terror, put it in the hands of Quentin Tarantino and watch it all fall to pieces. Now I know I am going to get some flack from the Tarantino faithful because it’s very uncool to talk bad about Q… but he jumped the shark with Death Proof.

What is Tarantino famous for – verbose banter akin to something a bunch of guys would do after mixing weed and coffee. He has a knack for writing long drawn-out dialogue about mundane things. It worked great in Reservoir Dogs and equally well in Pulp Fiction, but it is getting old. This one-trick pony needs a new act.

Every piece of dialogue he writes sounds like its coming directly from his own mouth. He has no concept of character development and no way of differentiating one voice from another. What’s worse is that his early works were so different, and so succesful, that now you see tons of young directors copying a technique that is way overdone.

After 40 minutes of typical Tarantino babble, (cursing, laced with the ponderings of the most pedestrian things, followed by more cursing,) there are a few minutes of action – then another 20 minutes of T-babble followed by another few seconds of action. This is NOT a tribute to the exploitation films played in the grindhouses of 60’s and 70’s. It is expose of Quentin Tarantino’s inability to do any genre other than a “Tarantino film.”

RATING 4 out of 10