How cool is this? I just discovered the star of one of my all-time favorite films, Breaking Away in the SciFi mini-series The Lost Room. I started watching the Lost Room because it has another of my favorite actors from Sports Night, Peter Krause. Okay before this gets too convoluted, the actor I discovered is Dennis Christopher and the film came along at a time (1979) when cycling was my life. It was an inspiration that carried me through thousands of miles. The tale of the Cutters’ fighting impossible odds in the “Little 500” bike race is one of the top sports films of all time.

cutters434335551.jpg dchristopher34334.jpg
(Dennis Christopher 1979 & 2006)

I thought he had pretty much stopped acting. Looking at his IMDB profile, it is like a who’s who of shows and films I have never seen despite there being some pretty popular ones. He has been working steadily ever since, but somehow in all that time I have missed each of his appearances… we are talking shows like Profiler, SeaQuest, Murder She Wrote, Roswell, Crossing Jordan, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Deadwood… all shows I have never seen. Okay, I take that back – I did catch him in the Stephen King mini-series IT.

Two excellent actors… one crazy and inventive story… what’s not to like?