I should be heading to Houston’s Intercontinental Airport (IAH) right now, but I sit in a holding pattern at my desk. Why the delay? A little thing called Mother Nature.


It’s really amazing to think about how the natural ebb and flow of the planet can throw a monkey wrench into the plans “of mice and men.” In the old days, it would mean maybe having to harvest early or plant late, but as we continue to develop our “society,” the disruption becomes larger and affects more people.

I am delayed because my sister, flying in from Raleigh, is sitting on a tarmac waiting to take off. My sister is delayed because the airline (America West) has been told they cannot head to Houston right now. America West is delayed because IAH is not allowing planes to land during the bad weather. As Houston is a hub for air travel from all over the country and the world, planes from all airlines are circling the airport or sitting on runways worldwide waiting for the weather to clear. Even if cleared up in the next hour or so, the delay will domino through 100’s of scheduled flights until they steal back enough time to get back on track.

It all comes full circle as I am sitting in the weather that is delaying people across the planet.

Oh yeah, and the most important delay of all – Lou is waiting patiently for the weather to clear so we can go on our morning walk.