Wow… today is going to be a marathon sprint. Yeah, I know it’s an oxymoron, but I will be hustling to get everything done and it will be going on all day… so deal with it.

It started at 5:30 when, as I posted on Twitter, “Crazy tomcat making murderous noises outside – Lou started barking inside – woke up – let him out – chase ensued – cat bolted – all quiet.” From there, it was walk the dog, do the dishes, start the laundry, make some breakfast, answer email, and do this post. It continues with compile the rankings for the Pod Music Countdown (PMC Top 10), record the show, edit it, tag it, upload it, finish the laundry, shower, and shave. That’s just by lunchtime.

After lunch will be the new episode of A Fresh Review, tag it, upload it, and post it. Then its pack the laptop, headphones, adapters, cables, etc. for the Copperheads game, edit some footage from a video production client, output it to .AVI, design the DVD menus, burn it, package it, and invoice it. Somewhere in there, I will also need to pack for the trip to Victoria tomorrow morning, get Lou’s stuff ready, give Lou a bath, and burn a couple DVDs full of MP3 for my brother. (All legal) 🙂

Then when ‘Mighty’ Mike and ‘Dangerous Dave’ arrive, it will be time to head to the Berry Center where the Copperheads play arena football. We need to arrive shortly after 5:00 PM so that we can setup the equipment, record the pregame show, have the pregame media meal, grab all the needed documents for the show, and start pouring over the stats. The game will kickoff and we will be busy until it ends around 10:00 PM. At the end of the game, we will scurry into the bowels of the arena for the post-game press conference. (Hopefully, to discuss the team’s brilliant performance.) The media frenzy will end about 11:00 PM and we will pack up and head home.

About midnight, I will make it to the house, let Lou out after 7 hours of ‘holding it,’ unpack all the crud from the laptop bag, sit in my recliner to relax a second, remember that I need to post the PMC Top 10, post the new countdown, and call it a night.

All that so I can get up early and head out of town.

(It may seem like I wasted a lot of time writing this post, but I am going to print it out as today’s ‘to-do’ list.)