As if the deadliest mass murder in U.S. history wasn’t enough to talk about, the newsies have turned their attention to placing blame. Would tougher Virginia gun laws have prevented the killings? Should the university have notified the students sooner via email? Should someone have put it together in the previous weeks when bomb threats were made? Hogwash.

The blame is SOLELY on the killer. Guns don’t kill… blah blah blah. University officials were supposed to assume that something that had never happened before in history, was about to happen? Poppycock.

The “media” (I put it in quotes because they are really no longer the media… they are old media) has it wrong once again. How did you first hear about the horrible events? I heard it from Twitter before I saw it on any screens.

Think about the images splashed all over the ‘net and television… most of them are from individuals with cell phones, webcams, etc. Mainstream media didn’t give us any new information, they just swooped in, set up their shots, and started to “shape” the story into either “who is to blame” or “a sad story of loss.” Then, they added 3D graphics (MASSACRE at Va. Tech, HORROR on Campus, Virginia TERROR), dramatic music, and well-rehearsed “emotion.”

Forget a blogging code of conduct… how about a media CoC?