pinkheadshot.jpegHi, I’m Chris Doelle, and I am a Pinkaholic… I like P!nk.. not the color… the artist. Ever since she burst onto the scene with her breakout hit “Get the Party Started,” she has intrigued me. Her ballsy attitude, unconventional sexy look, and extremely intense vocals just blow me away. She mixes humor with social commentary effortlessly in “Stupid Girls,” attacks political hypocrisy in “Dear Mr. President,” and of course just generally rocks out in tracks like “Don’t Let Me Get Me” and others.

Attitude goes a long way with me and just like Alanis Morissette made me take notice when she broke out with Jagged Little Pill, Pink has gobs and gobs of attitude. If you like your women with an opinion, if you like your women with a sense of humor, if you like women that ROCK… give P!nk a try. Fun stuff.