200x200-20070414snl_200.jpgMarriage doesn’t seem to agree with Avril Lavigne’s voice. I watched her performance on Saturday Night Live last night and I have to say she has sounded better. One of the things that has made her one of my guilty pleasure artists (other than the obvious) is that she sounds so good live. I have a couple of her concerts on DVD and several of her live tracks in MP3 and she sounds great on all of them, but last night she sounded like a cat sliding it’s claws down a chalkboard.

Okay, it could be that she had a sore throat or something simple like that, but I prefer to think it is a consequence of marriage. See… she’ll read this… discover that her marriage is ruining her career… get a divorce.. call me and… (hey, stop rolling your eyes – its my blog and my fantasy world.)