I got a call last night, about 10:30 or so, from the neighbor. This is a kid I have literally watched grow from diapers into a giant high schooler (6’3″ or better and built like a linebacker.) You know what they say about the bigger they are…

jeff172.JPG…yeah, that is his Ford 4×4 sitting in a huge hole – wheels up. This is no small vehicle, I think its a Bronco or something and it has a lift kit and the monster tires. When he parks next to his parent’s Explorer, it dwarfs the thing.

I am still unsure as to how he managed to get the thing upside down in a hole and worse… how he is going to get it out. My Ford Focus really isn’t up to the task of pulling him out.

Jeff, take some shots today in the light so we can see all the gory details.

EDIT: As Russell pointed out in the comments, I forgot to mention that everyone is okay.

Here are the daylight photos