Starub7_1915.JPGI was sitting in the theatre earlier today waiting for the film to start and I stretched out to relax. While kicking back, I noticed my shoes. What I noticed was how very comfortable they were. With one minor addition (I am now gellin’) they have become my favorite pair.

After just a week and a half of trying out the new Starbury’s, I have a report:

At first I liked the walking/jogging style better (the gray ones) and felt that the white ones were a bit too stiff. Well, since I’ve started gellin’ I like the crosstrainer style (the white ones) best.

The test was really rather unscientific, but I think it holds up. For the past 12 days, I have been swapping between the gray Starburys, the white Starburys, and a new pair of Nike walking shoes. I didn’t keep any stats, I just took mental notes of how my feet felt during the day. Prior to the Dr. Scholl’s inserts in the white pair, it was a pretty close battle between the gray Sburys and the Nikes, but once I added the insoles, Holy Toledo!! Hmmm… $9 for the shoes, $5 for the insoles… one heck of a deal.

Oh yeah, and while grabbing links for this entry, I found an online coupon for $2 off the Dr. Scoll’s – good times. 🙂