Fox’s On the Lot premiered last week and I thought, “cool, its gonna be a cross between Project Greenlight and the typical reality show.” The problem is it’s light on filmmaking and very heavy on the typical reality show shtick.

carrie-fisher.jpgIt seems to be a show in search of a format. There was really not much “filmmaking” in the thing, as they spent much more time on interactions, bitching, etc… the standard reality show fare. With tonight’s episode however, it morphed into American Idol as viewers were invited to call in votes for their favorite films. Again, no coverage of the craft, but this time they did actually screen the short films.

Another upsetting thing about OTL – I think the show has forever ruined my impression of Carrie Fisher. I no longer see Princess Leia when I think of her, now some crazy version of Sally Jessy Raphael jumps to mind… very creepy.

As a filmmaker and television critic, I will of course continue to watch, but I just wish it were more about “on the lot” and less about “voting off the island.”