tony_soprano.jpgI am sooo looking forward to the final closing credits on the Sopranos series. It is downright painful watching it grind to an end… not from any sense of loss at its passing, but from the hopelessly lame writing as they attempt to tie up the myriad of poorly structured, dangling, loose ends.

The Sopranos really went downhill after season two… from that point on , it became a soap opera mixed with political correctness gone awry. Each season since that time has been progressivly worse and even when they try to throw something “old school” (i.e. actual entertainment) into the story, it is so poorly conceived and written that it leaves you scratching your head at the stupidity. It’s as if they have handed over writing duties to the interns as the staff has already scrambled to their new jobs.

I will stick it out to the end just because I have so much time invested, but I really wish the final war would start, Tony would get killed off or locked up, and they can have their end-of-series parties before going their separate ways.