CNN Headline News announced yesterday that they were starting a revolutionary and groundbreaking new show. This show (News to Me) features “the very best that citizen journalism has to offer.” WOW! How cool is that? A reputable (?) news source taking new media and citizen journalism seriously… the old guard welcoming the new generation. Not so fast!


This show has nothing to do with “journalism,” it is frickin’ YouTube on cable. The show is made up of the same silly shorts made popular by viral emails and video hosting sites. We are talking things like putting a fish in a blender and drinking it through a straw, wrestling in mashed potatoes, and other silliness.

I am not against video hijinx… I have made plenty of mindless video fun myself. The interesting thing here is how CNN is selling the show. Calling it “the very best that citizen journalism has to offer” is a slap in the face of citizen journalists. To me, it says that CNN fears our ability to inform each other without their spin or product pitches. It speaks to the horror that our new media efforts present to these dinosaurs.