The news out of Asia is “China Sentences Former Drug Regulator to Death.” Apparently, this dude took bribes to approve both food and drugs that caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. In addition to the 100,000+ that died in the Panama from tainted cough syrup and poisonous toothpaste, China is also the home to the factories that manufactured the poisonous pet food that killed countless dogs and cats and prompted the largest pet food recall in history.

The death penalty may sound a bit harsh, but come on… these bad products slid through under his approval (and profit.) Some estimates put the amount killed from China’s rampant quality control problems at a half a million or more!

There are two takeaways from this story. 1 – I would skip Chinese products that are taken internally by yourself or pets. 2 – Maybe we wouldn’t have all our drug recalls if some of our drug officials/company heads were held a little more accountable.