clubmultig.jpgI have never been a big fan of plain old crackers, but I sure do like the new Club Multi-Grain ones. (At least I think they’re new… I’ve never seen them before.) And while it’s not exactly health food, sardines on a Club cracker sure beats the hell out of chili and cheese on french fries.

In that vein, I have been to the gym each of the past three days. That combined with some minor adjustments in my diet has allowed me to drop two of the pounds I recently regained. It feels like it is going to stick this time.

Half of the joy in eating my new crackers is the disgust on friends’ faces as I happily munch on sardines. It seems that you either love sardines and kipper snacks or you detest them. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. What can I say? I digs me some fishies. As my brother is fond of saying, “That’s good groceries.”