Alright… you’re hip – you’re cool – right? There are a boatload of lists of “must own” albums… the 2.0 generation knows that while the your classic collection has to have AC/DC‘s Back in Black and U2‘s Joshua Tree, and your jazz collection has to have Miles DavisKind of Blue, there is one more collection that you need to start now. When I spin out the top ten podsafe tunes each week on the Pod Music Countdown (PMC Top 10) I refer to this music as the “soundtrack of now.”

Here are the podsafe albums you must own!!

Matthew Ebel – Beer & Coffee
MATTHEW EBEL: Beer & Coffee

Adrina Thorpe – elusive

Black Lab – Passion Leaves a Trace
BLACK LAB: Passion Leaves A Trace

Geoff Smith – Geoff Smith and the Tonewheels
GEOFF SMITH: Geoff Smith and the Tonewheels

Bob Gentry – Bob Gentry
BOB GENTRY: Bob Gentry

Brother Love – Album of the Year
BROTHER LOVE: Album Of The Year

Derek James – Stray

Kevin Reeves – It’s About Time
KEVIN REEVES: It's About Time

46bliss – 46bliss
46BLISS: 46bliss

Black Lab – See the Sun
BLACK LAB: See the Sun

Rather than prattle on about what is so great about each of these albums individually, let me talk about them as a group. These were selected not only because of the universal appeal of the music, but because each has made a significant contribution to the podsafe music scene. They are not placed in the list in any particular order and all belong in your collection.

Want to try before you buy? Go to the PMC Top 10 and listen to the last two years of countdowns. Then, do like the cool kids are doing and put these bad boys (plus Clare and Adrina) on your coffee table. Watch your coolness factor instantly rise.