My first harvest is complete! I picked fresh green beans just a few minutes ago from my backyard garden.


Just one bite of the fresh bean is enough to blow you away. Everything I have grown is 100% organic – no pesticides – no chemicals – just Mother Nature. The flavor is so much better than the bland stuff you buy at the supermarket, and the yield is crazy big. I can see already that I will be giving away a bunch as it is much more than I could eat.

The tomatoes are about the size of a golf balls right now and growing, the canteloup has flowered and is just starting to create fruit, and the peppers are also showing the beginnings of tiny buds. I am looking forward to a huge bounty over the new few months… all for a couple hours of work and less than a $5 investment.

When you add that to the numerous grocery store trips avoided, as well as the greenhouse gasses not burned delivering my food from thousands of miles away… the benefits of “growing your own” are multiplied.