Alright, as you know, I have been testing out the uber-cheap Starbury shoes. My contention was that the high-dollar shoe companies are pretty much raping the public because we are so easily duped by slick advertising and a celebrity endorsement. I bought a couple pair of $9 Starbury shoes certain that I would prove to myself and readers that they were comparable in quality. Ooops.

While the body of the shoe still looks fine at a month and a half of wear…


… the sole is a different story.


They are completely worn through in places. While the shoe body itself doesn’t appear to be breaking down, it is obvious that the sole rubber is not nearly as durable as pricier shoes. Are they worth $9? Hell yeah. Are they my new “shoe of choice?” Not really.

I still admire what Stephon Marbury is doing in trying to make affordable shoes cool. For families of small means that are constantly fighting the ads aimed at their kids, these shoes are gold. For someone who can afford better shoes, I have to say that there are better deals available.