Oil change time for the gray goober:

As I was waiting for the oil change on the Focus, it dawned on me that it has been a year since I traded in the F-150 extended cab pickup for my little gray roller skate. I was also shocked to see just how few miles I drove in the past year.

In that year, I have only put on 21,000 miles despite two trips to the East Coast (North Carolina and back via Florida,) and one trip to Las Vegas and back. (Those three trips alone were roughly 10,000 miles.)

Now, 21,000 may sound like a lot of miles to you, but it is TINY for me. I am someone who lives in my vehicle. My first new car (a Dodge Colt) had 53,000 in ONE YEAR!! It has been typical for me to put 30,000 – 40,000 in a year throughout my car history. I can’t even blame the drop in mileage on the move into the home office because I had the home office for two years with the F-150 and never put under 30,000 a year during that time.

Is it the price of gas? Maybe. I don’t really know. I think it may be podcasting that accounts for the low mileage. For the first time since I’ve had wheels, my biggest hobby is done from home. There are no sports leagues to drive to, no meetings I have to attend, no distant destinations needing to be explored, it can all be done from home. Scratch that – there have been podcaster meetups, conventions, soundseeing tours, football games to cover… hmmm, I guess that isn’t it afterall. Maybe I am really just turning into a homebody.

You tell me… has your driving increased or decreased in the last year? Am I just losing my mind? Does this post make any sense at all?