fine_living_logo_sm.jpgI just love TiVo. Sure, the ability to record season passes to my favorite shows is great, but the real fun of my DVR is when it records suggestions for me. A recent suggestion was a show called “Back to Basics” on the Fine Living network. Cool… I can get behind something that extols the virtue of simplifying your life.

Not so fast.

The show dialogue focused on the simpler things in life, but the stories presented were totally inconsistent. One segment was about a classic car club – we are talking about cars that cost in excess of $200,000. That sure sounds like getting back to basics. Then they went into eating healthier through soy products. Eating healthy makes perfect sense, but the way they presented it was like a shopping network ad for soy foods. It barely touched on health and instead pimped a ton of products.

So let me get this straight… we can simplify our lives by getting “back to basics” – by that they mean, more consumerism. I’ve never watched the Fine Living network, but after a little investigation, it seems that this is one big propaganda piece for conspicuous consumption.