txwfc.gifThe Texas Workforce Commission announced that the days of unemployment checks are officially over. From now on, the unemployed will receive their payments via the brand new Chase ATM debit card. I find this move a bit disturbing.

Why Chase? Is Chase looking for free marketing to a whole slew of people that they can tempt with credit cards and cash advances while they are at their most vulnerable? It seems like one step close to the banks officially running the government. (We all know they control legislation, but at least we could pretend there was some separation.)

chaseNewlogo.gifWhat about fees? Oh yeah, there are fees. $5.00 per cash withdrawal at a Chase or other bank… $1.50 per withdrawal transaction after the first one… $0.50 per balance inquiry… $1.00 per denied transaction. Hmmm… I can check my balance a couple times or wait until it is denied.. either way Chase gets a buck for the trouble. But wait… there are no fees if you use the card to purchase goods and services at VISA retail outlets.

So Chase takes a piece, VISA gets more business, and the citizens get less money… I just love when government protects us from ourselves by managing our lives for us (i.e. giving our money to their campaign supporters.)

If you want to cut down on paper – make a card issued by the state. Leave the banks out of it, leave VISA out of it… the rest is just outright thievery. That money was paid in by the citizens to support out of work citizens, Chase and VISA should not be getting a cut.