On the drive to the Podcast Ready offices this moring, I came across no less than four fire engines. They weren’t blowin’ and goin’ just milling around the Heights. I thought nothing of it until talking out front with Russell, Evan, and Donald. It was then that the news choppers started hovering directly overhead. Normally, it would go by unnoticed as choppers in a big city are pretty normal. When they hover directly overhead at about half the height the use for traffic coverage, its pretty hard to talk. When four show up and flit around vying for the good angle, its impossible to talk.

We decided to take a walk and see what was going on. As we rounded the first corner, we saw dozens of emergency vehicles with their lights flashing just a few blocks away. When we reached the scene, another gawker informed me that the foundation had collapsed on the house and someone was trapped.

I really don’t have any more information than that as I don’t watch the news and didn’t see anything on the Chronicle website. I did get a shot of the responders carting the guy off on a stretcher.


Hopefully, the guy was okay and there was nobody else trapped.

EDIT: I found a story on the Chronicle site now. The man pictured was sent to Hermann, and another man escaped – I still think my camera phone shot is better than the one of the Chronicle story. 🙂 (Mine has a fire truck in the background, their’s has a porta-potty.)