Okay, the right wing is full of evildoers that want nothing more than to sell you on every product possible, steal your liberties, and treat you like mindless masses to be controlled and coerced through fear-mongering. So I guess the answer is the left wing? Uh… not so fast. Even when lefties have valid points like “Hey, I’d like to breath cleaner air” or “it sure would be nice if the insurance companies didn’t rape us,” they do it in such a whiny way that the message is lost.

I recently filled my podcast listening list with a whole bunch of left wing political shows and I cannot get through even one episode of each before unsubscribing. These guys (and gals) are such namby-pamby complainers that it is unlistenable. Why can’t they stick to the facts… the facts certainly bear out a lot of bad things being done by the right wing. Instead they spend their time either screaming that George Bush is evil, or laughing at his intelligence after each flubbed sound bite. Both may be true but how is that a useful podcast? Everyone knows he is not the most eloquent speaker to ever hold the office. Does making fun of him advance any liberal cause? No.

Listen up liberals… if you want to bring our soldiers home, tell us why. If you want to clean up polluting industries, tell us why. If you want to bring our health care system from the worst among industrialized nations to the best, tell us how. If you want to fix the campaign finance system, tell us how. Give us the facts… not hyperbole and scare mongering. We get enough of that from the right wing.

To me, it is all just more proof that both “sides” are in cahoots. Neither offers substance, both offer emotion. What’s the answer? Think for yourself. Don’t believe the spew – left or right.