rolling_stones7857.jpgI finally watched the last episode of the 2005 BBC series “Girls & Boys.” It chronicles rock from the 60s through to the year 2000 (with a decidedly British point of view) as it applied to sexuality. Each of the four episodes cover a decade and does an amazing job of showing the lifespan of musical movements such as punk, disco, glam rock, and the new romantic, just to name a few.

The angle taken with the series is how sexuality affected the music scene and vice-versa. From the Beatles and Kinks to the Spice Girls and Robbie Williams, this series is completely engrossing. Half of the fun of the show is relating what was happening in terms of various sexual revolutions to what was happening in my life at the time and realizing just how oblivious I was to all of it. At thirteen, I was clueless to David Bowie‘s sexuality, Annie Lennox‘s androgyny, or even the meaning of the name of 70s superband Queen.

One thing I found disappointing was that I couldn’t find a decent website about the series anywhere. If anyone can find a good site… let me know… if you can find a copy of the series and you like music, grab it. Good stuff from “the beeb.”