butterfly.pngSure, I’m a bit biased, but the new contest from Podcast Ready (“100K Play” Contest) has to be the best giveaway to-date for podcasters.

We are talking 100,000 downloads of your podcast as a grand prize. I know podcasters who are ecstatic when they reach 100 downloads – this will give the winner 1,000 times that! In addition, one of the winner’s listeners will win a video iPod. Finally, a contest worth entering.

Oh yeah, and if you have a Podcast Ready chicklet on your site when you register your promo-code you will automatically start off on the scorecard with 1000 registrations to your credit! Very cool, because the chicklet also puts you in the rotation for exposure on the front page… even if you don’t win the grand prize, you still win!

Check out the link for how to get registered and of course, go digg the story.