ep1_02.jpgJohn from Cincinnati is the new HBO series that was pimped heavily during the final weeks of The Sopranos. The previews were intriguing enough to make me take notice and as Bruce Greenwood is a star I enjoy watching, I figured I would give it a few episodes.

The first episode was full of mystical and metaphysical references and touched on spirituality throughout… pretty heady stuff for your average Nielson family. I am still not sold on Rebecca DeMornay in her role, but all of the other parts seem to be cast very well. Ed O’Neill was a welcome surprise as he is actually a very underrated actor and I enjoy seeing him in roles other than Al Bundy.

Where do I think the series is going? Is John from Cincinnati an angel? Is Mitch Yost a Christ-like figure? Is Shaun Yost the “chosen child?” No matter where the characters go, it seems obvious the producers intend to make Luke Perry‘s Linc Stark a Satan character.

Do I think it has potential – gobs and gobs. Do I think it will develop into a strong series that lasts? Thats the problem… if J from C continues to evolve into a thought-provoking, talent-laden, well-written series… it will likely lose the public. No slam against the American public intended, but the Average Joe and Jane usually prefer their TV with less intelligence and a laugh track.