facebook.jpgAlthough a late convert to the world of Facebook, I instantly liked a lot of the features. The customization and the third-party applications made the site unique and aside from a few silly options, pretty useful at times. Then the spam started increasing – spam in the form of invites to use every application under the sun. At first I added a couple, but it quickly became overwhelming. When the redundant add-ons starting showing up, I was done. I mean, why did I need SuperWall when I had the Wall application? Why did I need SuperPoke or last.FM Plus? It just got silly.

The net result for me was to totally cut back to just useful apps and ignore all the add requests for more. That meant telling a lot of my Facebook friends “no” on an almost daily basis. Not very conducive to having happy friends.

Facebook apparently has seen the wisdom of cutting down on this spam and started limiting the number of friends you can “invite” (spam) to use applications at a time. The number fell from 500 friends to an application per day, to just 10… much better.

I still get a boatload of invites to join every crazy new application, but the idea that Facebook is continuing to look at ways to maintain a useful user experience says good things about them.