CIMG0041dew.JPGWow… Mt. Dew has a new bottle! Sitting in the shelf next to the other products it simply towers above them all. Is it true? Do we really get more Dew for our dough? Uh… nope.

Of course not, when has a product change like this ever benefited the consumer. Please don’t tell me about “biggie sizing.” The taller bottle is the same price as the competitors, but once you get one in your hands, you notice something different. It doesn’t quite feel the same in your palm. In fact, it feels sorta like Shaq must feel when holding a basketball. A glance down to the label reveals why… not only is the bottle taller, but it is much skinnier.

You are not getting more than the typical 20 oz. bottle… not even close… this new packaging is only 16.9 oz. Nice marketing there.