myspam.jpgI think it is safe to say that MySpace has “jumped the shark.” Most all of the comments now are spam pushing “See who is viewing your MySpace,” or “Get FREE MySpace layouts.” Most of the emails are now, “Hey, check out my blah, blah, blah.” Forget about the bulletions, they have been ad-central since day one. And now, most all of the new friend requests are some hot chick with 3 friends and a nearly blank page with a bio that reads, “I don know if I shud show these pics here,” or “Here are my nude pics. (I lost a bet) I’ll get you back, Mike.” Of course the links are directly to some porn or picture site. Way to ruin what, at best, was only ever a decent thing.

This entry is meant as a parody and thus if the Constitution still applies, should be protected under the First Amendment. 🙂