michaelvickdog.jpgIn my opinion, Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons is SCUM… so is anyone else that is associated with cruelty of Pit Bull fighting. ESPN reported that :

On April 25, authorities raided a house in Surry County, Va., owned by Vick and reportedly found — among other things — 66 dogs (most of which were pit bulls), a dog-fighting pit, bloodstained carpets and equipment commonly associated with dogfighting. Vick was not at the scene and denied knowledge of dogfighting at the property.

Not only has (in my opinion) this scum been involved in dog fighting for years, but teammates and fellow dog fighting commrades refer to him as one the “big dogs” of the fight game.

I know this isn’t breaking news and many of you may have already heard about it, but I just found out now and it p*ssed me off enough to blog about it.