The Dog Problem is a quirky little film about a man (Giovanni Ribisi) at a crossroads psychologically. His psychiatrist (Don Cheadle) suggests he get a dog. Without going into great detail about the plot, the ensuing story is cute, fun, and uplifting in a weird way.

pict_THE-DOG-PROBLEM.jpgSome of the characters were a little weak – the most disjointed being Casper (Scott Caan.) As an anti-hero to Ribisi’s character, Casper worked – the problem was that Caan (who also directed the film) just went a little too “out there.”

Another very cool part about the film was the dog Spot (Jimmy the Dog), who looked a lot like Lou with a really short, really bad haircut. No, he didn’t do any real tricks, but he was just such a scraggly mess that you found yourself constantly concerned for his welfare. If you get a chance, pick this one up.

RATING 8 out of 10