Selections from my personal journal during college.

Well, it’s been five days since my last entry. Right now I am sitting in the hallway of the P.E. building. In about 10 minutes, Tonya will be coming by to go to Gymnastics. I figured I could see her and get my morning started off good.

I came home Friday as planned and Tonya and Linda were already here. Linda picked me up at the bus station – Tonya was sleeping. I hung out with Tonya Friday and although I didn’t see much of her Saturday. We did go to watch the Ladyjacks win round two of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championships. They now advance to play Maryland.

Things with Tonya are getting better every day… not that things were bad – let’s just say we’re improving on a good thing. We have an Easter date setup – a picnic out by the lake – just the two of us.

More sappiness in this entry. I better be careful or this could hurt my curmudgeon image. Stay tuned for the next entry as things start to get a little more exciting.