230px-Michaelrasmussen.jpgIt’s funny, because you see all these cyclists caught doping and everyone thinks of it as the most corrupt of professional sports, but that is the wrong takeaway from all this.

Cycling has a long history of being the most stringent of all sports when it comes to drug testing. THAT is the reason why you continually hear about these athletes getting caught – not because there is more abuse in the sport. The abuse is rampant in ALL sports and only cycling’s governing bodies have the balls to step up, face the public shame of disgraced riders, and do something about the problem.

This is cyclings FINEST HOUR! What other sport would dethrone their #1 athlete to clean up their sport? The NFL wouldn’t do it. The NBA wouldn’t do it. Baseball wouldn’t do it. Sure, they will all go after retired players. Sure, they will bang the drums about a player that isn’t selling jerseys. Sure, they will even meet with Congress in a parade of fake concern. Cycling is the ONLY sport that is doing anything about this garbage. Twice since 1996, the Tour de France has stripped the winner of the race of their win… and now like the Giro d’Italia a couple years ago, they have removed the race leader from the event.

Amid all the controversy, this has been the most competitive tour in years and if you have to “break a few eggs to make an omelet,” busting these bad eggs doesn’t at all tarnish the image of cycling in my eyes. Kudos to the Tour de France, kudos to the UCI, and shame on the cheats.

(photo Michael Rasmussen – kicked out of Tour de France)