Wow… this is too cool. The one and only problem I have ever had with Google Maps is that it sometimes chose a route different that I would when planning a trip. There are times on a road trip when I want to stop by and see that giant ball of twine or take in a scenic overlook. When this happened, I would use Google Maps mainly as a rough estimate of the time and distance because putting in each stop along the way was a bit tedious. No more!

You can now grab any point on a Google Map route and drag it to different locations on the map. It is waaaay cooler than it sounds, but trust me, once you play around with it, you’ll see how extremely cool it is.

Here is a map for a drive from Houston to Victoria done the “old way.”


But let’s say I wanted to swing by Lolita, Tx to see my friend Mike Wright on the way? I simply grab the blue route on the map and drag it to my midway location. Google does the rest, including marking all the new turns and roads in the turn-by-turn directions.


Think about the value of this on a family vacation that includes points of interest etc., or a cross-country podcasting trip that includes stops to see podcasters along the way? Kudos Google.