lsg200.JPGDay one of the FSN 7 on 7 Championships is in the book and it was a scorcher. There was lots of great action as the Celina Bobcats defeated the Crane Cranes in the small school championship.

I had a great time hanging with all the other media folks and of course catching a boatload of football. It really is cool that you can see most of the top division I college prospects all in one place here.

Mike of course, was in hog heaven as he got to see multiple games at the same time all day long. “The Mescan” Tony even showed up this evening after he got off work. He will check out the championship games with us tomorrow.

We had a great dinner at Sodolak’s Beefmasters (I have some photos that I will post in a few days – I forgot the cable to my camera so I can’t download right now.) We are about to do our third episode of Lone Star Gridiron of the day and then hit the hay. It is going to be another long day tomorrow.