Well, I did it. I finally experienced that uniquely Houston rite of passage – a trip to Gallery Furniture. After nearly two decades in Houston, I had never visited this H-Town landmark. Hmmm… I actually showered for this?


I have been looking for a desk because I moved my massive executive style one into the garage. It was taking up half of my living room and as I am going to be putting down wood floors soon, I needed to move it anyway. The idea is that I can be just as effective with a smaller desk. Okay, enough back story… on to Gallery Furniture.

I was pretty unimpressed on several levels. The biggest shock was how overpriced the furniture seemed. Now I’m not any authority on furniture as I have the typical collection of bachelor odds and ends, but geez – Mack’s stuff was crazy expensive. The other thing I noticed was how HUGE everything was. I don’t think there was a small item in the place… monster sectionals, massive recliners, insanely large beds… you name it – this stuff seemed made for giants.

I especially thought the whole “free food with purchase” thing was hilarious. I watched people buy $1,400 recliners and then get excited because they got a free hot dog and coke. It’s pretty easy to see why Mattress Mack has more money than God.