man-vs-wild.jpgSorry Dave, after hearing you talk about Man vs. Wild on the last podcast, I thought I would give it a shot. Being a big fan of Survivorman, I was sold on the idea of a show about a dude out in the middle of nowhere trying to survive, but MvW was dead on arrival.

Bear Grylls (or Edward Michael Grylls) may have the skills to survive in the wild, but the show isn’t anywhere close to realistic. The obvious difference is that he isn’t alone. As he was climbing down a waterfall on a vine, I counted at least five different angles. He’s traveling with a full scale production crew. There is none of the survival stuff you see Les Stroud (Survivorman) go through, instead he just nibbles on one or two of the grossest things he can find.

The overt attempts to make things look dangerous and dramatic just take you out of any inkling of belief. If you want a good show – watch Survivorman, he had the idea first, he does it better, and he has the Chris Doelle Seal of Approval.