sp-drugs.gifYet another black eye on the face of sports. Just days after Alexander Vinokourov won my respect with a gutsy comeback, it was announced that he tested positive for “blood doping.” That is the practice of injecting someone else’s (or your own previously saved) blood packed with oxygen-carrying cells prior to an arduous event in order to perform better and recover faster.

SHAME on Vinokourov!

I am about ready to boycott all professional level sports… this type of cheating is and poor sportsmanship is rampant. Barry Bonds is about to break one of the most hallowed records of all despite, in my opinion, obvious steroid abuse. An NBA official is being investigated for gambling on and fixing games. Jerks like Terrell Owens are celebrated rather than shunned in the NFL. Speaking of the NFL, a former SuperBowl winner stabs someone to death and “settles out of court.” The NBA is full of thugs and rapists. Olympic medalists have been stripped of medals for cheating. Wrestlers regularly die and now kill others under the influence of the drugs. There are new accusations of steroid abuse in GOLF of all things. And even after instituting the most rigid drug testing, cycling continues to fight a losing battle against greed and cheating.

I am not naive enough to think that it only exists at the pro levels, even Texas high school football is beginning to test for steroids. If you thought the 80’s were a decade of greed, that was nothing.

I commend the cycling governing bodies for being hands-down the most rigid in their efforts to stem the disease of cheating, but hang my head a little lower that I was duped by this dope, Vinokourov.