Live Free or Die Hard just barely missed being the worst in the Die Hard series (the third one was worse.) The amazing part is how close the call was. My nephew, Scooter, said it best when he said, “It makes a lot more sense if you pretend that John McClain is some sort of superhero.”

dsew10m.jpgThe stunts are not only insanely impossibly, but so unrealistic. They are clearly staged for the express purpose of doing an original stunt. Did anyone buy the helicopter thing? Please tell me you didn’t. Don’t even get me started on the jet UNDER the freeway overpass.

Another thing that probably won’t bother the mainstream viewing public, but annoyed the hell out of me, were the outrageous technology loopholes. Do they even bother to consult someone with knowledge of technology before they sign off on these insane scripts?

The acting jobs were pretty good… Bruce Willis was his usual entertaining self. Justin Long did a great job (although I expect him to break into his “I’m an Apple” routine. The best surprise however, was Kevin Smith (The Warlock) with an actual speaking role – he did a pretty darn good job.

RATING 6 out of 10

rat10m.jpgRatatouille was a fun film. Once again, the folks at Pixar have turned out more than just an animated film. It’s more than just a good story. It’s more than just great characters. It is a film that everyone can enjoy.

I have a friend that refuses to see animated films or watch anything animated on film because he says “that craps for kids.” Are you kidding me? Some of the best films made are animated – Ratatouille has joined the pantheon of excellent animated film.

The characters are compelling. The voice talent is perfect. The storyline is entertaining. What’s not to love?

RATING 8 out of 10