They are few and far between now, but occasionally I see a Jimmy Stewart film I haven’t seen before. Firecreek (1968) is the latest in that list. Long-time readers know that Stewart is my favorite actor of all time, and his westerns are some of his best work.

firecreek3434i.jpgFirecreek is a morality play typical of the 60’s and has a great story even though they hit you over the head with it. You can’t help but root for Stewart’s Johnny Cobb character as he realizes that there comes a time when every man has to stand up no matter how large the opposition. It is also points out how easy it is for people to “go along” and not rock the boat to protect their own interests. Try to find a more applicable lesson in any of the movies made today.

“I can’t gamble with bein’ nobody. I been that! It don’t work for me!”

–Bob Larkin (Henry Fonda)

“What I didn’t see was the day a man decides not to face the world is the day he better step out of it”

–Johnny Cobb

They don’t make actors like Jimmy Stewart anymore and they don’t make films like this any more.

RATING 9 out of 10