tennis-bird.jpgCan tennis really be interesting to watch live? I can barely watch tennis on television, and then only when it is some hottie playing (hey, at least I admit I am a caveman.) I am keeping an open mind because while I used to hate watching hockey on television, I was blown away by how great it is a live spectacle. So you tell me – is tennis better live?

I certainly am not biased against tournament or multiple day formats – the NCAA basketball tourney is gold, and my favorite sporting event, the Tour de France, takes three weeks to complete. In those sports however, each individual match or event is full of excitement. Does this human-sized ping pong hold up?

It was the rise of the World Team Tennis (WTT) that got me wondering. It appears to be an effort to give the game a little more action – heck, they even have cheerleaders. As I investigated further though, it seems team tennis has been around for decades. Just shows how little I really know about this sport.

The last time I considered myself a fan of a tennis player was Bj