I am all for “saving the planet” and “doing my little part” blah, blah, blah. As part of my elightenment, I made the switch to compact flourescent bulbs. The argument for them is pretty clear – save money on your electric bill, save the planet – what’s not to love?


Let’s start with how long these things last. I am okay with the slightly dimmer light output at the same lumens rating, but their savings, at least to me, seems to be total hogwash. When I first bought a pack of CFBs, the packages all boasted of a 5 year guarantee. As they started having to honor that, it was removed from all the packaging. (I notice these things.) All of the bulbs in the picture have burned out in just a few months time… I keep track of these things too because I have to lug my ten foot ladder into the living room to change them.

In defense of CFBs, I still have several in my house that seem to be doing fine, so either the wiring is really bad in my house (which could be true) or the failure rate is about one in three bulbs.