sir-elton-john.jpgElton John obviously doesn’t spend much time on the Internet as he stated in an interview with The Sun saying, it’s “destroying good music” and “stopped people from going out and being with each other, creating stuff.”

Elton, try checking out some of the great music podcasts… they are chock full of musical creativity that normally would not be heard. If you want to go after something that is destroying good music, try mainstream radio. They play the same playlists in every city, promote bands with no talent but great sex appeal, and have no interest in what people actually want to hear.

And what about mashups? Talk about creativity. Sir Elton, you are indeed a talented musician, but your call for destruction of the Internet is not only uninformed and retarded, but downright dangerous. Stick to something you know – you are showing your ignorance (and hypocrisy) when it comes to the Internet.

Oh yeah and he also announced earlier this year that his entire back catalog of albums would be made available for digital download. I guess it’s okay when you’re making money off the Internet.